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Digital Forensic Storage Solutions (DFSS)

The ICS Digital Forensic Storage Solutions (DFSS) are large volume RAID Data Storage Systems that work seamlessly with the Image MASSter Solo-4 and connect directly to a Forensics Computer. The DFSS Systems were developed to overcome the unpredictability of suspect drives’ size and to streamline the management of high capacity hard drive image storage. Additionally, the systems allow the investigators to acquire multiple Suspect drives simultaneously, facilitate the transportation of evidence images from the field to the lab and ensure the protection of valuable evidence data.

DFSS Systems Available:

PCIe Data Storage System
combines a storage array of either 4TB or 8TB of space with the addition of interface expandability through two PCIe expansion slots where users can easily install add-on PCIe controller cards

USB3.0/eSATA Data Storage System
provides an inexpensive solution to store up to 8TB of data utilizing high-speed USB2.0, super-speed USB3.0 or eSATA connection.

SAS/SATA Data Storage System
provides investigators with 12TB of storage space and the option of unlimited expandability by daisy-chaining multiple storage systems.

DFSS Systems’ Common Features:

  • Provide the safe and secure storage of digital evidence
  • Facilitate the imaging of high capacity hard drives
  • Allow the imaging of multiple hard drives simultaneously protect valuable evidence data with a redundant storage solution
  • Work seamlessly with the Image MASSter™ Solo-4
  • Work as a stand alone unit allowing the Image MASSter™ Solo-4 to perform additional required tasks
  • Facilitate the sharing of multiple images with multiple investigators
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12TB USB 3.0/eSATA Data Storage for IM Solo-4 Hard Drive Duplicator
Our Price: $700.00

The 12TB USB3.0/eSATA Data Storage System connects to the IM Solo-4.
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ICS offers a wide range of high speed hard drive duplication units to fit the needs and budgets of small, mid size and industrial IT Organizations. ICS also supports Federal Government, Law Enforcement and the Private Digital Forensics Investigation Sector through the development of computer forensic hard disk duplicators and computer forensics software products used in the most complex digital forensic investigations today. The new generation Rapid Image, Image MASSter Solo-4, Image MASSter 4000 PRO and Image MASSter WipePRO units can copy and clean hard drives at a real world speeds averaging from 5GB/min on SATA drives and 8GB/min on SAS drives. Newest high speed hard drives including Solid State Drives can copy and clean hard drives at average speeds of up to 13GB/min. These Hard Drive Duplication Stations feature advanced user management tools that can clone hard drive to hard drive, copy one hard drive to two hard drives or image a hard drive to up to twenty hard drives simultaneously and at a maximum speed. These hard drive duplicators support a wide range of hard drives at including IDE, SATA, SAS, USB, SCSI, eSATA, FireWire, SSD, USB 3.0, CF, ZiF, PCIE drives, form factor 3.5in, 2.5in, 1.8in, Micro SATA, Fiber Channel and more. These hard drive duplicators also feature an efficient, cable-free drive caddy system allowing users to copy hard drives quickly minimizing the total time necessary for drive disk duplication or hard drive wiping processes. Cleaning hard drives becomes an easy task with our WipeMASSter and WipePRO hard drive sanitization units. All data is wiped out from the hard drive in a secure and fast operation. Our hard drive imaging units feature the latest Copy Hard Drive Modes including the ICS IQCopy (Intelligent Copy) and the Percent of Disk Drive Copy Modes. The newest Copy Hard Drive Modes allow storing multiple source hard drive images on a single hard drive or Shared Network folder using Segmented File Formats or by using the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) image format. The native Gigabit Ethernet Connection allows all hard drive duplicators to store and upload hard drive images to/from SAN. All hard drive duplicators and hard drive eraser units support data sanitization operations to easily delete and erase all data from hard drives to DoD specifications, by Single Pass and by the new Secure Erase feature supported by many of today's modern hard disk drives. Additional products include hard drive encryption, write blockers or write protection devices and more.
From copy one hard drive to hard drive, copy 1 hard drive to 2 hard drives, cleaning hard drives, clone any hard drive, drive disk imaging, duplicate hard drives, reformatting hard drive, write protection, wipe hard drives, disk encryption, ICS has the solution for you.