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F.GR-4200   1) Image MASSter™ 4000PRO X2 SAS/SATA/IDE*/CF*/uSATA* IT Hard Drive Duplicator Ex Ready
F.GR-0431-000A   1.8 Inch Adapter
F.GR-0022-950A   10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Card
DJ-2000-200A   TM IT PRO, DJ-2000-200A">12" Cable for Disk JockyTM IT PRO
F.GR-0050-000A   12TB USB 3.0/eSATA Data Storage for IM Solo-4 Hard Drive Duplicator
CSAR-0268-000A   19-in-1 Card Reader (Includes CF for Image MASSter Solo-4 and Solo 101)
F.GR-4200-0000   2) Image MASSter™ 4000PRO SATA/SAS/IDE*/CF*/uSATA* IT Hard Drive Duplicator Gen-1 Economy class
F.GR-0348-000A   2.5" Drive Adapter
W1   7-Day Money Back Guarantee
F.GR-4242-000B   8 Port X2 Add-on Module- 2.5" Drives for X2 units
F.GR-9102-100A   DiskCypher AES SATA Hard Drive Encryption Device - Field Kit
F.GR-9103-100A   DiskCypher AES SATA Hard Drive Encryption Device - Lab Kit
F.GR-9099-100A   DiskCypher-256 AES-256 SATA Hard Drive Encryption Device
F.GR-9106-000A   DiskCypherTM e-SATA Bundle Solution Kit
F.GR-0024-900A   Drive Guide ZIF Adapter
F.GR-0023-900A   eSATA Cable Kit Option
CSAR-0224-000A   eSATA PCI Controller Card
CSAR-0223-000A   eSATA PCI Express Controller Card
CBDR-0509-000A   eSATA to SATA 1m Data Cable
CBLR-0351-000A   Expansion Box FireWire 6p to 6p cable
CBLR-0355-000A   Expansion Box FireWire 9p to 4p cable
CBLR-0353-000A   Expansion Box FireWire 9P to 9P cable
CBLR-0696-000A   Expansion Box PCIE x4 data cable
CBPR-0689-000A   Expansion Box Power Interconnect Cable
CBPR-0272-000A   Expansion Box SCSI Extended Power Cable
CSAR-0283-000A   Expansion Box SCSI Narrow Adapter
F.GR-0052-000A   External Hard Drive Power Adpater - 12v/5v Power (12A)
CSAR-0397-000A   FC cable LC-LC/1m
CSAR-0396-000A   Fiber Channel 4Gb/s dual channel Controller Card
F.GR-0061-000A   Fiber Channel 4Gb/s single FC hard drive support kit
CSAR-0399-000A   Fiber Channel Drive Adapter up to 4Gb/s
CSAR-0398-000A   Fiber Channel Transciver Adapter
CSAR-0266-000A   FireWire Controller Card
F.GR-4207-0000   IM 4000PRO X2 Forensic Network Image Uploader/ Multi Data Acquistion
PCAR-6027-000A   IM 4000PRO, WipePRO, Rapid Image Compact Flash Card Adapter
F.GR-4202-000A   IM 4000PRO/WipePRO 2.5" Host & Hard Drive Caddy
F.GR-4240-000A   IM 8 Port Add-on Module- 3.5" Drives for X2 units
F.GR-0062-000A   IM Solo-4 G3 Forensic Basic
F.GR-0062-200A   IM Solo-4 G3 Forensic Enterprise Hard Drive Data Acquisition Expansion Ready
F.GR-0062-300A   IM Solo-4 G3 Forensic Enterprise Super Kit
F.GR-0062-100A   IM Solo-4 G3 Forensic PRO
F.GR-0062-400A   IM Solo-4 G3 Forensic Ruggedized
F.GR-0070-000A   IM Solo-4 G3 IT Basic
F.GR-0070-200A   IM Solo-4 G3 IT Enterprise Hard Drive Data Acquisition Expansion Ready
F.GR-0070-300A   IM Solo-4 G3 IT Enterprise Super Kit
F.GR-0070-100A   IM Solo-4 G3 IT PRO
F.GR-0070-400A   IM Solo-4 G3 IT Ruggedized
F.GR-4330   IM WipePRO X2 - SATA/SAS/IDE/uSATA Hard Drive Eraser/Sanitizer
CBDR-0406-150C   Image MASSter 4000IDE/WipeMASSter 8in Data Cable
CBPR-0410-150A   Image MASSter 4000IDE/WipeMASSter 8in Power Cable
F.GR-0009-0000   Image MASSter 4000IDE/WipeMASSter SATA Adapter
F.GR-4244-000A   Image MASSter 4000Pro/WipePro/Forensic Uploader X2 8 Port Add-on Module- Without Drive Caddy
F.GR-0059-000A   Image MASSter Solo-102 Forensic Hard Drive Data Acquisition unit
F.GR-0059-100A   Image MASSter Solo-102 IT Hard Drive Data Duplication Unit
CBDR-0521-900A   Image MASSter Solo-4 20in SAS Data & Power Cable
F.GR-0041-900A   Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensic LinkMASSter MAC CD
F.GR-0041-000A   Image MASSter Solo-4, Solo 101 and Solo-102 Forensic LinkMASSter Option (Intel based CPU only)
F.GR-0036-000A   Image MASSter Solo-4, Solo 101 Drive Tray and Cooling Fan
F.GR-0037-000A   Image MASSter Solo-4/Solo 101 Extended Warranty
F.GR-4204   Image MASSter WipePRO SATA/SAS/IDE/uSATA Hard Drive Eraser/Sanitizer
CSAR-0288-000A   Image MASSterTM Solo-4 Hard Rolling Case
F.G-0108-200A   Image MASSterTM 4000 DCO Option
F.GR-0108-400A   Image MASSterTM 4000's/WipeMASSterTM Formatting Drives
F.G-0108-300A   Image MASSterTM 4000IDE HPA Option
F.G-0301-001A   Image MASSterTM 4000IDE/4000Pro/WipeMASSterTM /WipePRO Extended Warranty
CSAR-0280-000A   Image MASSterTM Solo-4 Forensic/IT SSD Option
F.GR-0046-000A   Image MASSterTM Solo-4 Lift Stand
CSAR-0254-000A   Image MASSterTM Solo-4 Power Supply
F.G-0108-000A   Image MASSterTM 4000 MultiMASSter Option
F.GR-0051-000A   ImageMASSterTM Solo-4, Solo-101, Solo-102 FireWire Port Option
F.GR-0039-900A   IMSolo-101 SATA-to-IDE Adapter
F.GR-0038-000C   IMSolo-4/IM4000PRO/WipePro Expansion Box
F.GR-0047-000A   IQCopy (Intelligent Copy) Option for Forensic Units
F.GR-9101-000A   Key Dongle
F.GR-9100-000A   Key Loader System for DiskCypher Hard Drive Encryption Device
W2   Limited Warranty
F.G-0117-000A   Linux IQ Copy Option for Image MASSterTM 4000i Range
F.GR-0021-999A   Linux IQ Copy Option for Rapid Image and Image MASSter 4000PRO units
F.GR-0016-000A   Linux-IQ Copy S/W
F.GR-0033-000A   Micro S-ATA 1.8", 3.3V Adapter For 5V Output Devices
CSAR-0270-000A   Miniature USB Keyboard
CSAR-0269-000A   Miniature USB Mouse
F.GR-0053-000A   Multi SCSI Option for IM Solo-4 Expansion Box
F.GR-0053-900A   Multi SCSI Option for Rapid Image/IM 4000PRO/WipePRO/Forensic Uploader X2 Units
F.GR-9099-000B   New USB Key DiskCypher AES 256 - SATA HDD Encryption Module
F.GR-4201-000A   Open Drive Tray Option (use on main unit) for IM4000Pro/WipePro/Forensic Loader
CSAR-0267-000A   PCIe Express Controller Card Reader
CSAR-0235-000A   PCIe SCSI Controller Card
CSAR-0388-000A   PCMCIA-to-USB 2.0 Forensic Capture Card Adapter
F.GR-0021-951A   Rapid Image / Image MASSter 4000PRO Protective Window
F.GR-0021-900B   Rapid Image 2.5" Host & Hard Drive Caddy
F.GR-0022-0000   Rapid Image 7020 X2 Forensic SAS/SATA/IDE*/CF*/uSATA* Hard Drive Duplicator
F.GR-0018-0000   Rapid Image 7020 X2 IT SAS/SATA/IDE*/CF*/uSATA* Hard Drive Duplicator
F.GR-0021-950A   Rapid Image Light Tower
F.GR-0021-800B   Rapid Image/IM 4000PRO/WipePRO 3.5" Host & Hard Drive Caddy
F.GR-0021-953A   Rapid Image/IM 4000PRO/WipePRO 8-Channel IDE Host & Hard Drive Caddy
CHA-6019-900A   Rapid ImageTM 2.5" Master Caddy Add-On Option
F.GR-0021-980A   Rapid ImageTM Extended Warranty
PCAR-6016-000A   Rapid ImageTM Replacement board 3.5" Caddy
CHA-6019-000B   Rapid ImageTM 3.5" Master Caddy
CBDR-0406-500A   Rapid ImageTM 9" IDE Data Cable- IDE Caddy Spare Option
CBPR-0410-200A   Rapid ImageTM 9" Power Cable- IDE Caddy Spare Option
F.GR-7702-000A   RoadMASSter-3 X2 Forensic Hard Drive Acquisiton/Duplicator/Analysis Lab
F.G-0311-000A   RoadMASSterTM -3 Extended Warranty
F.GR-0039-100A   SAS to IDE Adapter
ADPR-0017-000A   SATA 29P Male to Male Converter Cable
CBLR-0402-000A   SATA Power and Data Cable With Mini Fit
F.GR-0010-050A   SATA Power/Data Cables - SET 5
F.GR-0010-060A   SATA Power/Data Cables - SET 9
F.GR-0039-950A   SATA to IDE Adapter
F.GR-0000-859A   SCSI - LVD External Cable with Terminator
CSAR-0100-000A   SCSI Active Terminator
CBDR-0502-000A   SCSI Cable Dual Channel 320
F.GR-0000-860A   SCSI Cable Single Channel 320Mbit/sec
F.GR-0231-000A   SCSI Low Voltage SCA-80 Adapter
CBPR-0001-000A   SCSI Power Cable 8"
F.GR-0206-002A   SCSI wide to SCSI narrow adapter
PCAR-6023-100A   uSATA 1.8", 3.3V Adapter for IM Solo-4, IM 4000PRO, WipePRO & Rapid Image
CSAR-0284-000A   USB 3.0 Controller Card
CSAR-0293-100A   USB3.0 to eSATA Adapter and Power Supply
F.GR-0024-000A   ZIF Adapter

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ICS offers a wide range of high speed hard drive duplication units to fit the needs and budgets of small, mid size and industrial IT Organizations. ICS also supports Federal Government, Law Enforcement and the Private Digital Forensics Investigation Sector through the development of computer forensic hard disk duplicators and computer forensics software products used in the most complex digital forensic investigations today. The new generation Rapid Image, Image MASSter Solo-4, Image MASSter 4000 PRO and Image MASSter WipePRO units can copy and clean hard drives at a real world speeds averaging from 5GB/min on SATA drives and 8GB/min on SAS drives. Newest high speed hard drives including Solid State Drives can copy and clean hard drives at average speeds of up to 13GB/min. These Hard Drive Duplication Stations feature advanced user management tools that can clone hard drive to hard drive, copy one hard drive to two hard drives or image a hard drive to up to twenty hard drives simultaneously and at a maximum speed. These hard drive duplicators support a wide range of hard drives at including IDE, SATA, SAS, USB, SCSI, eSATA, FireWire, SSD, USB 3.0, CF, ZiF, PCIE drives, form factor 3.5in, 2.5in, 1.8in, Micro SATA, Fiber Channel and more. These hard drive duplicators also feature an efficient, cable-free drive caddy system allowing users to copy hard drives quickly minimizing the total time necessary for drive disk duplication or hard drive wiping processes. Cleaning hard drives becomes an easy task with our WipeMASSter and WipePRO hard drive sanitization units. All data is wiped out from the hard drive in a secure and fast operation. Our hard drive imaging units feature the latest Copy Hard Drive Modes including the ICS IQCopy (Intelligent Copy) and the Percent of Disk Drive Copy Modes. The newest Copy Hard Drive Modes allow storing multiple source hard drive images on a single hard drive or Shared Network folder using Segmented File Formats or by using the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) image format. The native Gigabit Ethernet Connection allows all hard drive duplicators to store and upload hard drive images to/from SAN. All hard drive duplicators and hard drive eraser units support data sanitization operations to easily delete and erase all data from hard drives to DoD specifications, by Single Pass and by the new Secure Erase feature supported by many of today's modern hard disk drives. Additional products include hard drive encryption, write blockers or write protection devices and more.
From copy one hard drive to hard drive, copy 1 hard drive to 2 hard drives, cleaning hard drives, clone any hard drive, drive disk imaging, duplicate hard drives, reformatting hard drive, write protection, wipe hard drives, disk encryption, ICS has the solution for you.